The 60 Second EIS Explainer

The Pastor’s Top Tips Effective Tax Mitigation Via The Enterprise Investment Scheme

The 60 Second View:

1. About Enterprise Tax Solutions – Providing Tax Solutions Since 2003.

2. The Basis of The Enterprise Investment Scheme – Government Support to Grow the Economy.

3. The 6 benefits to EIS – 2 for your existing tax liabilities, 2 for the investment itself and 2 loss relief protections.

4. The Elixir of EIS Or the Banker – The Ultimate EIS Trade: if you have CGT to defer as well, risk can be down to 10.5% of the invested amount and if you have CGT to pay in the year of exit, your risk is down to zero.

5. Now the Bad – Yes, it is not just a Government Sponsored Tax Giveaway. You must invest in a small business and this must present risk to your capital.

6. Monte Carlo or Bust – You Need High CAGR to attain an Exit – Going nowhere Companies Should Go Bust so you can Access Loss Reliefs.

7. Hind Sight Versus Foresight – Playing Catch-up from a Standing Start is Difficult – Chose Major Forthcoming Themes.

8. The Small Company Enterprise Centre Don’t Like EIS Funds and They Don’t Like the Tax Avoidance Consultants (the companies whose mission statement is solely to save you tax).

9. Small and Provincial is Beautiful – London is a hotbed of Exotic Schemes and The Inspectors are Briefed and Ready.

10. Crowd funders – Mostly the Blind Leading the Blind, often into The Abyss.

11. HMRC Aren’t Completely Stupid – Keep Within the Spirit of The Legislation to Get Your Tax Reliefs.

12. The Golden Rules – Keep in the Spirit of The Legislation and Look to The Future, Not to The Now.