EIS Rules AND EIS Providers

EIS Rules and EIS Enterprise Investment Scheme providers. Two of the most common questions we receive involve EIS Rules and requests for recommendations on EIS Providers.

Both make their rules and claims, respectively, in a straight forward manner. But the human influence exerted on both means that things are not always as they seem. Pressures are exerted on the SCEC (Small Companies Enterprise Centre – the division of HMRC that deals with EIS) by the Government (which is convinced that this or that industry type is best) and EIS Providers vary from commercially influenced to taxation influenced, the latter being particularly dangerous.

Who are we to assess the EIS rules and those that are governed by them; namely the EIS Providers? Well, The Pastor can provide all the guidance you need and the message boards will in time, provide consensus on the best routes to take, which most likely, if past performance is anything to go by, should represent The Pastor’s current advice.eis rules eis providers

In fact, The Pastor is really our secret weapon – The Resident Tax Pastor holds no fear. Check out the Pastors Tax Confessional where everyone and anyone can have their say, independent of regulatory restriction or control. Not only can our Resident Tax Pastor help out with any UK tax related enquiries, he has a free to download 12 MUST KNOW EIS Investment facts and tips which you are welcome to sample HERE

As a part of EIS rules you can read about EIS Tax Relief Restrictions here and general EIS Scheme information. The 12 must know EIS facts and tips download may give you some invaluable information regarding EIS providers and the Pastors Tax Confessional is the ideal sounding board for independent comments, posts and feedback relating to all things UK tax related, EIS Rules, EIS providers and much more.

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