EIS Income Tax Relief

EIS Income Tax Relief – The Enterprise Investment Scheme offers generous tax relief opportunities enabling a reduction of up to £300,000 of income tax liability in either the current or previous tax year provided that you have sufficient income tax liability.

The EIS income tax relief benefits are only available when new shares are bought. This way the monies are providing continuing development capital to the EIS companies. The full tax breaks are available to EIS investors who hold their shares for a minimum of 3 years. You can see a full list of qualifying data and EIS tax relief opportunities HERE

Tax Free Gains

Any profits made from the sale of EIS shares will be exempt from Capital Gains Tax, as long as you have owned the shares for a minimum of  3 years.

Our resident Pastor will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have relating to EIS income tax eis income tax reliefrelief and all matters tax related. The Pastor’s forum is available for ongoing comment and discussion HERE

Our Pastor also has a free to download white paper – everything that you need to know about the Enterprise Investment Scheme. Click HERE for more details.