EIS Companies- Where to go, who to talk to?

Enterprise Tax Solutions has extensive knowledge of EIS companies, EIS – the Enterprise Investment Scheme, and SEIS.

Launched in 1994 to both stimulate investment with a generous 30% income tax relief with tax free gains, the Enterprise Investment Scheme has to date generated over £14,000,000,000 of fundraising.

EIS investing makes it possible for people to own their own personal shares in qualifying UK companies. An added incentive to investing in EIS-qualifying companies is a range of tax advantages for those paying tax in the UK. The reliefs provide an initial incentive to invest, the potential for tax-free gains, and a cushion to soften the potential downside risks associated within investing in small companies. These tax reliefs give investors an incentive to take on the risks associated with investing in small companies.

How To choose an EIS Company – Provider?

Visit websites, check out credentials and see what is behind your potential EIS company.

We like this approach –

“350’s mission is to assist by all commercial means in the reduction of
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There is much information available relating to EIS, SEIS and  Enterprise Investment Scheme providers, any questions just fire away here and the Pastor will be happy to offer an impartial view on and queries relating

eis companiesto EIS providers and EIS companies. Alternatively just drop us an e-mail at enquiries@enterprisetaxsolutions.co.uk


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